Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Little Hiatus

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It has been just under 4 months since my last post- sorry about that! I took an unplanned hiatus because life has needed an adjustment period.

We have been in our new home for 4 months, and are completely unpacked. (I just unpacked the last box of picture frames this week). We haven't done too many updates (it's a challenge with a wee little one). But, we have painted 2 rooms (the powder room and Baby Girl's room). I have replaced the trim in the powder room. All of the trim in the house is from the 70s when the house was built and is plain-jane, no detail. I am revamping all of it by bulking it up to 5.5" and adding some details. Over the summer, we also were able to get the pool up and running so we enjoyed that until Labor Day. Other than that, we haven't done too much to the house- just normal things like hanging curtains, organizing and purging some stuff that we don't need anymore.

Baby Girl and I have joined a mom's meetup group. We host a playgroup once a week and we go to another group, typically every week. Playgroup's have been our saving grace. Being new to the area, we don't know what activities are around/available/applicable to a <1 year old. We have made friends and Baby Girl loves playing with her friends!

Oh, and Baby Girl turned one last month! I can't believe how fast the year went, how much has changed, and how smart Baby Girl is! She amazes us everyday in how quick she is growing, learning and changing!

We are gearing up for the upcoming holidays. It's going to be a DIY Christmas; my favorite kind :-)

I'll start posting some of the things I have made- hopefully some tutorials too!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Sentiments from Babe

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Pregnant, know someone who is pregnant, or just had a baby? I know I have a few friends who either just had their first baby or are about to have their first. The excitement for both mom and dad-to-be that follows a positive pregnancy test cannot be described in words- it's an emotion one doesn't forget and one that is impossible to quantify. It's an emotion like no other; scared, excited, elated, nervous, worried, impatient, like you have so much to do, overflowing with joy and many more.

I remember when I read the results telling me we were going to have a baby, I screamed with excitement. I cried, I laughed, I was worried about a million different things, curious what baby would be like- if it was a boy or girl, although it was far too early to tell. I wanted to know what their voice would sound like, who the baby would look more like, would I be able to breastfeed, etc. I was worried about what I was putting into my body- was it safe for baby, was the music too loud, was I sleeping enough, would baby make it full term, when should we tell people, and the list never ended.

As the time grew closer to my due date, the worries morphed- would I be able to labor the way I wanted to, what would it feel like, would it be fast, how would I know I was in labor, etc. I was so excited to hold and touch and look and smell our new baby but knew I had some work to do first. During the labor, I remember Hubby encouraging me to continue pushing when I felt like I couldn't do anymore. He said things like "Gracie wants to meet you so you have to push" or "Lets meet our baby". Those are the words that kept me going even though I was exhausted, nervous, hungry and running on adrenaline.

It's a magical thing, becoming a mom. The worries continue, but they change almost daily. After she was born, I wondered if I was doing things right or could I do anything wrong. It was new for me, to trust my instincts whole-heartedly and trust that I (and Hubby) knew what was best for our little babe. Encouragement from friends and family helped, but the person I really wanted encouragement from didn't have the words to communicate. I could tell what she was "thinking" or "feeling" by her reactions, cries and by reading her cues, but it took a little bit of time.

Mum Mum Cards is a great way to give pregnant women and new moms the encouragement they are looking for, even though baby can't communicate yet. They offer cards that convey "On My Way" and "I'm Here" from the baby's perspective. The cards offer creative designs with meaningful sentiments from baby. They have a glossy sheen, come with an envelope and have funny, meaningful sentiments printed on each one. I had the opportunity to look at and review 3 of them and LOVE them. I will be sending some out to my new-parent friends and my expecting-parent friends.

"I'm Here" collection

"On My Way" collection

"On My Way" collection
Take a look at Mum Mum Cards and see they many different designs they have. They are humorous and sentimental and I'm sure you will find the perfect one!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Brief Update

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Sorry for being MIA for so long! Things have been pretty crazy the last few months! Since my last post, Baby Girl is now 9 months (! how the heck did that happen already?!), we listed our house for sale, were under contract in 3 days and had to find a house; otherwise we would have been moving into an apartment with 2 dogs, a cat, baby and 2 adults- it would have been an uncomfortable setting to say the least. Anyway, we were blessed to find a house that met all of our needs, under budget, and that had potential to make our own! We were supposed to move June 30, but it ended up being delayed for a week. We have now been in the house 2 weeks and are working on just hanging up curtain rods. We unpacked some boxes to function but then had to put unpacking on hold to host a baby shower for dear friends of ours. Now we are back to unpacking.

We moved out of Chester County into Lancaster County. The goal of the move was to get more for our money, in addition to providing me with the opportunity to stay home with Baby Girl and any future babes that come our way. It definitely was an answer to prayer and a leap of faith following the call. Since I've been 15, I have had a job- most of them full-time during summers and throughout college. While I still have a paying job, it's part-time and I get to make my schedule. I'll still be going Early Intervention, but I'll be going into the homes to work with families of 0-3 year olds with special needs. I haven't started yet, and won't be for another few weeks.  Right now I am settling into my new role as a SAHM! The hope is to make my schedule so that I will go into the homes on Saturday's or after Hubby gets home from work to avoid daycare costs (it's a mortgage payment these days!).

Anyway- there's a small update on our lives. We are going to be searching for a new church- a task that I am excited and nervous about. I want to find a church that feels "alive" and "on fire" but am nervous to branch out of the denomination that I grew up in. Who knows, maybe the church we feel at home in will still be Methodist- it is the closest one to us (still).

Here's a newer picture of Baby Girl for your enjoyment :-) She was just about 9 months here (a couple days shy) and it was her first ponytail. She looks huge! She is now crawling everywhere, pulling herself up and starting to take steps holding onto we are in trouble

Sunday, April 12, 2015

6 Month Milestones

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This month:
-You got your first 2 bottom teeth!
-You have started solid foods- so far you have had rice cereal, applesauce, pears, avocado, peas, carrots, oatmeal, and prunes- you LOVE them all!
-You weigh 17lbs, 2oz and are 27.5" long
-You are really trying to sit up on your own
-You are so roly-poly now! You roll around the room to get to where and what you want
-You are getting pretty steady at sitting up- you can't quite be trusted to not tip over, especially when tired, but you are doing a great job!

Dear Gracie,
I can't believe it's your half birthday already! Where have these 6 months gone?! It still feels like yesterday that I was in labor and breathing through each contraction, awaiting your arrival. We have survived your first teething experience. We felt like it was coming, so we weren't completely blown away. But, you were pretty cranky and you didn't want to eat much. I knew something was up because you had been loving eating solids and then all of the sudden, you were uninterested. Now they are poking through and as cute as a button. You are rolling all over the place- I mean all over. We can't turn our back anymore for fear of you rolling onto the tile floor. We haven't baby proofed yet...I think we are holding off to see if we move and you aren't yet sitting up without our help so we are always there. 

Mommy and Daddy are really prepping the house to get ready to move. We do it while your are sleeping or while one of us is with you on the floor...We don't want to take any time away from you :-) Mommy is still that mom who sits in the back with you :-/ We don't mind, but I guess some people think it's weird or that I can get over it... I love watching you sleep and playing with you in the car when we go places. 

You love people watching- just like Mommy and Daddy. Some people may think you are anti-social or don't smile but for us and people you know, you are always smiling. But, for strangers and new situations, you just watch everything and take it in. You are a smart little cookie.


Monday, March 9, 2015

5 Month Milestones

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This month:
-You have mastered a slow, controlled roll and we can't keep you on your belly
-You have found your toes and enjoy sucking on them :-)
-You were baptized
-You weigh 15lbs, 6oz and are 26" long
-You are trying to blow raspberries (3 days after your 5-month birthday, you have done it!)
-You are SO close to rolling over from your back to your belly...SO close!
-You are getting pretty steady at sitting up

Dear Gracie,
Time is going so unbelievably fast. I have been back at work for a month now, and it hasn’t gotten any easier leaving you each day. You were baptized on a really cold, windy day and Mommy and Daddy forgot to turn the oven off before we left for church (uh-oh), but Aunt Sandi came and turned it off for us. You discovered your toes one night while changing your diaper and now you can’t get enough of them. You like to try to suck on your toes and your fingers at the same time. You have been trying to blow raspberries, just like Mommy and Daddy do to you. It is the cutest thing to watch you try to figure out the lip positioning and the amount of drool that comes with the practice.

You have been rolling over nonstop. We can’t even keep you on your belly very long before you want to roll over. You are so close to being able to roll over in both directions! Mommy and Daddy absolutely enjoy and look forward to the time when we can play with you each day. We had a few snow days this month and Mommy and Daddy loved the extra cuddles with you! You are still drinking from your sippy cup, but at daycare, you also drink from a bottle (but not at home!)

We look forward to continuing to watch you grow. Each day you do something new and we are enjoying every minute of it, although it’s definitely going too fast!


Sunday, March 8, 2015

Changes Are Coming

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I can't believe it's already been about 3 weeks since my last post! Time seems to be moving at an incomprehensible speed. I have been back to work for a month, and it hasn't gotten any easier... I'm still hoping it gets easier, and my attitude is probably not helping the situation. I am still trying to get into the rhythm- but I am really feeling pressured and like there are not enough hours in the day to be a teacher, a mom, a wife and a woman. I give credit to all of you women are wear so many hats. I feel like working full-time at this point in my life is causing me to lose myself. I don't have time to craft, sew, knit, workout, read, write, or even watch tv. I feel like as soon as I put Baby Girl to bed, it's time to put my teacher hat back on. I don't necessarily have to do school work every night, but it's often enough that it feels like a standard expectation. Someone at work mentioned that the actual teaching part is a full-time job, and so is the paperwork we do (I'm a special education teacher). I didn't have that outlook before, but now as a mom, I am feeling that way.

Towards the end of last year I really started to get the urge to move. Hubby and I have talked about it on and off for a couple years. More in passing than actual conversations- we would mention things we wanted in our next house or areas we thought we would want to head. We live in a Western Suburb of Philly, about 45 minutes from the city. Well, I made a deadline to myself; I decided that March 1 I was going to call a realtor. Well, I did and she came out this past week. We have sent a tentative/hopefully firm date of April 29th to list our house. In that time, we have a list of things that we want to complete. The only thing that our realtor mentioned was taking our pictures down and depersonalizing. We have our own list of simple things so that the buyers don't see them as hurdles.

Our list:

remove photos (completed 3/8/15)
patch/paint holes from photos and shelves (completed 3/8/15)
purge/put stuff into storage
repair/restretch carpet in 2 areas
deep clean- windows, vents, carpet, etc.
recaulk and regrout tile along tubs
replace dripping spigot in powder room (completed 3/7/15)
add stopper to 2nd full bath

clean gutters
power wash house
update/remulch flowerbeds

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Baby Girl's Baptism

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Sunday was Baby Girl's baptism. It was a really nice day spent with family and friends. The weather semi-cooperated; it was super cold and windy so some people were unable to make it and the congregation was small because of the cold and wind. I want to be able to say that the day ran smoothly, but it didn't.

Hubby and I got up an hour late so we had to finagle the timing of things and who was doing what to get out of the door on time. I am detail oriented so I had it all planned the night before. Waking up an hour late threw a wrench into those plans. The modified plan was to bake the quiche for half of the time before we left for church, then to finish baking them once we got home. Well, we were rushing out of the door so we forgot to take the quiche out. My aunt left during the church service to come take them out because we were worried it would burn the house down (I'm a worry-wort, also), so she missed the baptism portion of the service, but we took photos. Other than that, the day was very nice and went according to "plan".

I made the onesie she is wearing to go under her gown (stay tuned for similar things in my Etsy Shop!). Church is during Baby Girl's morning nap time so by the end of the service, she started making noises. I managed to get her settled and she fell asleep during church :-)

 The banner was hanging in our dining room. Our menu was quiche, butternut squash soup, strawberry salad and bagels. We have pound cake with fresh berries and cool whip, as well as chocolate covered pretzels and rice krispie treats.

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