Thursday, October 20, 2011

Final products of my garden

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So garden time is just about done for the year! I canned the last of my tomatoes, made butternut squash soup, made applesauce, and made my very first pie- EVER! All in all, I canned about 20 quarts of homemade sauce. What a feat that was! It is truly wonderful to open a jar of homemade sauce in the middle of winter. I know you can freeze sauce, but our freezer has limited space, so canning is the way to go! I did, however, freeze my butternut squash soup. I got 5 gallon sized bags out of my butternut squash plants this year! One of the bags of soup is for my mom after her surgery. On Tuesday, I made 15 pints of applesauce. 7 of them are regular, and 8 of them have cinnamon. I got 2nd degree burns in the process on my arm, which still hurts by the way, but it was worth it. And last night, I made my first pie and it tastes delicious!

I love that kind of cooking, and wish we could cook like that everyday. But, with me student teaching, and all of the other things I have some how managed to get myself involved in, cooking like that and even having time like that is a luxury. Hubby usually does all of the cooking, but I like baking and trying new recipes. Hubby gives me a hard time about helping me with my canning, but it's just to tease me.

If I ever have the opportunity to stay at home full time, I think I would enjoy cooking more because I wouldn't have to rush around trying to get a meal ready in 20 minutes. I also think that I would have the time to do all the things that keep piling up on my "to do" list. Until then, I enjoy and am happy with my life at this point in time! I love being married, love our family of pets, and love "teaching" although I am only student teaching!

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