Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Came and Went

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Christmas has come and gone since my last post, with the addition of quite a few other days. I always get a little sad after Christmas because it is all over in just one long, but short 24 hours. My honey, myself, and our pup spent the day at our families, who each do their celebrations on the same day. We got up really early to head to New Jersey to have breakfast with my parents at 8. The rest of the day included church, presents with my parents, lunch and presents with Hubby's family, then off to my auntie and uncle's to have have dinner and our Pollyanna with my whole family. The day ended by us heading back to Hubby's parents to get our pup, then back home somewhere after 11pm. By the time we were home, we were exhausted, stuffed, and thankful to finally be home. We live just close enough that we go home for all holidays, but they turn into such long days.

But I digress. We spend a month planning for Christmas. What gifts to give people, what food to make, decorating our house, the works. Then, in just 24 short (but long) hours, the day is over and all the planning and leading up to the even has ceased. Now, I know that gift giving is not the reason for the day, but it's a part of it. And, seeing family is awesome, no matter how long the day feels during the moment. But again, it's all over in 24 hours for our family. Someday, I would love to have our Christmas holiday spread out over a few days, just to enjoy it more and not feel so rushed the day of, and depressed that it has passed so fast.

As promised in my previous posts, I made as many of the gifts this year that I could. Part of the reason is because I enjoy giving handmade items far better than store bought ones. But, the other reason is because we always spend far too much money every year, as do many Americans. Because I was student teaching, many of the handiwork had to wait until the semester was finished. Which was fine, but again, it fed right into the rushing of the holiday season.

To start off with, I made spa kits for my momma and sister.

spa kits for momma and sissy

Each of their kits were slightly different. The main components were the same, but I tailored them to fit each of them a little bit. This picture was my momma's spa kit. You can see the store-bought slipper- socks, the pumice sponge in the opposite corner, and you can just barely see the gel eye mask along the closest edge of the basket. The basket is also store bought, although it would have been really cool to make my own baskets also!

homemade lotion

The lotion is in each basket, and it was super easy to make! I found the recipe via Pinterest! (Let me use this a quick plug- I absolutely love Pinterest! Actually, many of the gifts that my honey and I made this year are from ideas or inspiration from the most wonderful site ever!)
foot scrub
body scrub

This body and foot scrub was also in each of their baskets. These were super easy to make as well, just 2 ingredients, plus essential oil of your choice. (A disclaimer: the tub floor does get slightly oily after use, so just be careful)

I wanted to learn to crochet, so I made these washcloths for each basket. Via the web, and YouTube, I learned to do a basic double crochet stitch. These washcloths did not take very long to make, so I made three for each basket, in three different colors. I found it a bit quicker than knitting, but as enjoyable. (does that make me a "old woman"?)

crocheted washcloththe three colors of washcloths

Lip balm and solid perfume

The last thing that I made that was put into the basket was lip balm and solid perfume. My good friend and I tried these over the summer, and I love them, so I wanted to share them with my sister. These two items were placed into her basket instead of the eye mask. The only other difference was that she got one of those turbi-twister hair towels because her hair is so long and she always uses a regular towel to wrap around her hair.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the post about some of the handmade gifts we made this year. There will be a few more posts of the holidays and gifts, but I didn't want to overwhelm with pictures and thoughts!

Did you make any gifts this year?


  1. you are the craftiest/most clever person i know! loooove these spa sets!

  2. Oh thanks! I love making gifts and crafting! I just never allow enough time for myself to do those things! But, with my non-full time employment (now that I am done student teaching, and will be subbing), I am excited for the time to do the things I love!

  3. Just came across your blog. Fun Enjoyed reading it.


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