Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 2 of 2012

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Today is the first day that many American's have headed back to work for the year. Staying true to my latest fashion, I am at home, keeping busy. I made an appt. for Thursday to fill out subbing paperwork, but until then, I have a list a foot long of things I want to do! Some of those things are part New Year's Resolutions, others are just regular to-do list items.

Back to the Homemade Christmas thoughts, I wanted to finish posting the items that Hubby and I made for gifts for everyone. I've already posted about the spa kits- you can find that post here. We also made engraved beer mugs for my dad and my cousin. (I don't have any good photos of these- sorry!)

homemade beef jerky

Hubby made beef jerky for my dad, uncle and cousin that we packaged in Ikea jars, and I made tags to go with each of them with the help of my Cricut! (This was an early Christmas gift from
Hubby so that I could finish up and improve some Christmas gifts.)

rice filled hand warmers 

I was able to use my mom-in-law's serger to make some hand warmers for Hubby, my dad, cousin, and uncle. I made 2 extra sets, but I have plans for those that I will talk about in a later post. I used a wool/felt blend from JoAnn's fabrics, and rice that I bought at Acme. These were a super easy gift to make, but they all seemed to be a big hit because the men in my family spend a lot of time outdoors through the whole year (except for Hubby). My original intention was to use black thread, but, I couldn't figure out how to thread the serger, so I used the one that was already set up for white! But, I was fine with the completed product, and was happy to give them as gifts!

Calendar (Sorry this picture is so dark!)

Thanks to Hubby for the aforementioned early Christmas present, I was able to make this calendar for my mom-in-law. She loved it, once I explained, and opened it up to show her the whole "package". Trying to be paper-conscious, I double-sided each 12x12 sheet. So, January was the front, and July was the back side. February was the front side, August was the back side, and so it continues. Each month was designed differently, and had a different theme. Some of the months had a grid for the days, others just had the numbers. ( I will probably do a complete post on this calendar at some later point in time)

The next post will finish up the Homemade Christmas series of posts. Look forward to my baking successes and hurdles, as well as the two gifts that I made for Hubby!

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