Saturday, January 21, 2012

DIY Shelving and Storage

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Ok, so I had been given this free dining room hutch. And I took it, because a) I wanted a hutch, and b) it was free. It was not particularly my favorite style, nor did I really love the look of it in our house. It's pretty heavy, in weight and look. It doesn't match our decor style, and I didn't think it was worth a can of paint. I just don't like the lines of it, so even with paint, it wouldn't change the "bones".

Roughed edges and shape of shelves
I had decided that I was going to get an old dresser and refinish it and put 2 shelves above it for the storage that would be gone from the large hutch. I wanted space to display my grandmother's china. But, someone very dear to me offered me a buffet style hutch that I absolutely loved. It matches our style, and is not overly heavy. With the help of my dad (THANKS DAD!),  we moved the new (to me) hutch to our house yesterday.

Shelf from parents that I wanted
in the dining room as well- painted
and sanded
Then, we went to Lowe's to take a look at shelving. I had in mind what I wanted the shelves to look like. Awhile ago, my parent's repainted my sister's room, and she didn't want the old shelves put back up on the walls, so I reclaimed them and painted them white. This is what they look like. I painted them white, then sanded the edges to give it a more rustic/cottage look. I wanted my new shelves to match. But, to my disappointment, Lowe's and Home Depot don't seem to make the kind of shelves I want anymore. Now, the shelving is masonite or plywood with veneer on it. My solution was to buy the wood brackets in the style that I like, and buy pine boards that I will shape, stain, paint, and sand myself.

closeup of shelves
Buffet hutch and shelves
So, this morning, the hubby helped me hang my selves. They aren't painted yet, but I was too excited and just couldn't wait! I decided to hang them, and take some time deliberating on the color I want to paint them. I was originally thinking white. The problem is that the hutch is mostly white, the plates are whitish and on the opposite wall, half of it is white beadboard. In the nearish future, I will be making a farm table out of old door, and I was thinking about painting the legs on that white as well. I think that may be too much white on white. So now, I am thinking about the color choice some more, but in the mean time, I get to enjoy dining room storage that I love. Also, when I paint them, I am going to route in a plate groove (or whatever the real name is) because for now, I made a temporary one out of hot glue.

another view of semi-finished

What do you all think?

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