Monday, January 9, 2012

Garden Planning

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My Veggie Garden 1/2 way through last season
So far this winter, it has been pretty mild- weather wise. Then, Hurricane Schwartz revised his long-range winter forecast, from getting a lot of snow, to about 18 inches total for the winter. Then, the temperatures reached the 50's this past week! All of these things are compounding my eagerness to get outside and start digging in my garden. I have tried to pacify these urges by purchasing a few seed packets, looking at online images of gardens, planning out my space for this year, and trying to talk to Hubby about my plans (although, he more or less just listens because it's an interest of mine- it's not really an interest of his!)


Now, I am getting into the throngs of planning my garden this year- making plans, drawing out schematic plans and labeling where I want each type of plant to go. (Let me go back- this is a vegetable garden that I am talking about) Last fall, we had the tree in our back yard cut down. I am hoping that this fact alone will provide enough sun in the back yard to provide extra growing space for an increase in vegetables. I will express my concerns here: because this back yard has previously been heavily shaded due to the extra large tree, I am worried about moving my entire "crop" to the back yard without a backup garden. This is because I do not know how much sun the backyard will actually get with the tree being gone! My latest idea is to utilize the already built raised bed in the front (from last year), and add additional space in the back to "test the waters" so to speak- to try some sun loving veggies like tomatoes to see how they do back there! 

I have been deciding on which type of material to build the raise bed out of, and have found a great many examples online, via Pinterest and Google. 

I think this is my favorite.

I also kind of like this one because 
all of the space is used- even the holes. 
But, I think I am going with this one- it's 
around $10 for each bed, so it's the cheapest! 
Another thing that I am really eager to get started on is this awesome walkway that I have seen allover Pinterest lately! The best part is that my parents had a bunch of trees cut down a few weeks ago, so I can cut the logs down- all for free!

Gardening is one of my favorite things when the weather is nice! (Vegetable gardening that is!). I am so excited to get started and to increase my yields. I have big plans for additional canning from last year, additional types of veggies and fruit plants, and "living off the land" a bit more! It's extremely satisfying and rewarding to eat the food that you grow!

Do you have a vegetable garden?

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