Sunday, January 29, 2012

Good Eats

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Pear and Gorgonzola Salad
This weekend has been the weekend of great food, great wine, great friends, and awesome family. Friday was our January date night! I made pear and gorgonzola salad for the first course, vegetable lasagna for the main course, and we had banana's foster for dessert. I must say, it was delicious- so I guess that is tooting my own horn...oops! My favorite, of course, was dessert, but it always is.
Vegetable Lasagna 

Banana's Foster
Saturday, hubby made dinner for some great friends and I. We had a strawberry-kiwi spinach salad, a white sauce, grilled chicken penne. For dessert, we had a version of strawberry shortcake that was new to me (but delicious just the same!). I had the first red wine that I actually liked, and I enjoyed the time spent with awesome friends! (Sorry- no pictures!)

Finally, today, we had a garden salad and cheese raviolis with some awesome family. (More about that visit in tomorrow's post!)

Tomorrow is back to the real word of eating in our household. I am pretty excited just to have salad for lunch. I feel like I need to detox from all of the heavy dinners. But wait- there's more! We have enough pasta leftovers to last the rest of the week! Looks like I am going to need to detox everyday at lunch time. Don't get me wrong- I love pasta as much as the next person. But, it's so heavy and a ton of carbs. It doesn't exactly align with my goal of eating better. But, waste not, want not.

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