Monday, January 2, 2012

Finale of a Homemade Christmas

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January's date Envelope
To finish up the Homemade Christmas series, I wanted to share with all of you the two gifts that I made for Hubby. Both of the inspiration ideas were found on Pinterest. Thanks to this post, I got the idea to prepare a basket of dates for Hubby and I for 2012. One of my sorta-resolutions for 2012 is to spend less money on things that we don't need. We tend to go on a lot of errands, but that turns into dinner out most of the time, or lunch, or breakfast, which adds up quickly. So, with this gift, I am limiting our dates to once a month- some are weekend long dates, others are just simple, free, or quiet ideas that we both enjoy. I also tend to overbook myself, so then we loose our weekends. The idea is to open each month's envelope on the 1st of each month, and schedule it in so that it's already planned and set into our calendars. The originator of the idea then uses photos, ticket stubs, receipts, whatever to make a scrapbook page of the date. I like this idea, but have not really ever made a scrapbook. With my new Cricut, I may try it, but I am still undecided about it. Maybe I will make a scrapbook of the year 2012 in general- which then relies on one of my resolutions. (Maybe I need to make a post about my resolutions?)
January's Date Contents and Directions

The second gift that I made for Hubby was inspired from this blog, which was also pinned to my Pinterest account. The difference is that I made a jar of 365 ways that I love my hubby. He opens it each day, and reads a new reason. Each one is numbered, but that was more for me to keep track of what number I was one. I mixed them all up in the jar, so he does not read them in any sort of order.

I forgot to mention one more gift that I made for my dad/parents. This idea was also inspired by Pinterest. Thanks to whoever this FLICKR site belongs to, I was able to get letter photos to spell out my parent's last name. The total cost was around $20, but I absolutely love it. I have plans for these letters in the future, so I hope that whoever the site belongs to does not take them away! (Sadly, I do not have a picture of this gift yet, I will have to take it the next time I head to my parents!)

Vanilla Pizzelle Cookies- I also made Chocolate!
And finally, the last way that Hubby and I made this Christmas a homemade one was through baking. Of course many people spend their holidays baking, but that's just another way to make it homemade! I made over 250 cookies- in an assortment of varieties. I made Blossoms, Spritz, Pizzelles, Chocolate Chip, and Coconut Macaroons. Now, let me tell you about my Spritz cookies- I tried to use an electric cookie gun, because my previous attempt at a hand pump cookie gun was a FAIL. I again, borrowed this contraption, with high hopes that this time it was really going to work. Well, the electric cookie gun was again a FAILURE. You might be saying since I am the common denominator, that I am the failure, which may be true. But, rest assured, I am never making or attempting to make cookies with a cookie gun again, and, I have no intentions of ever, and I do mean ever, buying on. Nosiree, I will stick to my regular round shaped cookies, thank you very much. Has anyone ever had better luck with a cookie gun of any sorts?


Apple Pie

I forgot to mention that in addition to the cookies, I made my second every pie- another apple!

Pumpkin Pie
I made my first ever pumpkin pie- with canned pumpkin, but homemade crust. I was worried about it until I got to eat it because I am extremely picky about pumpkin pie. I only like it when the bottom of the crust, under the filling, is moist. And man, let me tell you that it was delicious if I do say so myself. The recipe was from my new favorite cookbook- because every recipe has a picture! 

Nut Bread
Poor Man's Cake
The last two things I baked were family favorites- Poor Man's Cake, and Nut Bread- both of which are my grandma's recipes.
What are some ways that you and your significant other spend time together?


  1. love your homemade gifts!! i got a cookie gun for christmas... i'll have to let you know how well it works.

  2. Oh please do! I've have bad luck both times, and the kicker is that I don't even really like Spritz cookies which I made tons of in order to use the gun- which didn't even work! It's an evil cycle for me!


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