Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Monogram Cheap Placemats

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This is my first tutorial- so bare with me. I hope I took enough photos because many of the steps, I think, are self explanatory! This project is so simple, but I really enjoy the finished product!

A few months ago, I bought fairly cheap placemats from our local Big Lots. I bought them with the intention of sprucing them up a bit to make them more fun and more our style. (I do not have a before picture of what they looked like.) They were plain brown, simple as that. I finally figured out what I wanted to do to them.

These are all of the materials that I needed yesterday, in addition to basic sewing supplies. I used my machine, but it can be done by hand. You only need about a 4"x4" piece of material, but that can also depend on how big you want your monogram to be. I printed out an "H" in Times New Roman, size 300, bolded. I cut that out, but added a lit bit of thickness to the "tails" as I call them, to make it easier to sew and pin into place. I carefully pinned the "H" into place on the plain brown placement. I used about 6 pins, and pinned each straight piece (again- no photo- this will vary by letter)

My old, but new to me sewing machine(it works amazingly!)

I turned on my sewing machine, and changed the stitch to the zig-zag stitch. Mine automatically changes the length and tension, but use a test strip of material until you get to the right stitch tension and length that you want. I then carefully sewed around the letter, making sure to have half of the stitch on the Monogram, and half of the stitch on the placemat. I used the zigzag to prevent curling because the edges of the monogram are not hemmed.

"H" Placemat

As you can see- here is one of the placemats. The stitching is not perfect, but I'm ok with that because it gives it a homey feel. I am also not a master sewer by any standards!

Here is the finished product. I repeated the steps 4 times, and made 4 placemats. Ideally, I would want 8, but, our table only seats 4, and the package of cheap place mates only came in 4, and they only had 1 package, so, I made do. I haven't placed them at the table yet, because that is still filled with my sewing machine and supplies!

Happy Monogramming!

What kinds a projects are you going to monogram?

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