Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Stuffed Peppers

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Yesterday, the weather in this part of the country was unnaturally warm. I think it reached somewhere in the mid-50s which is unheard of for mid-January in these parts. It was absolutely beautiful. With that being the case, I couldn't help myself. I wanted stuffed peppers. It's one of my favorite summer foods, especially when they are home-grown peppers. I marched my behind right to the grocery store, and bought 8 peppers to stuff. (Too bad I didn't have any left that I grew last summer!). 

I found a recipe that I wanted- on However, I am not putting it in here because I loosely followed it. It also said it made 4, but I pretty much doubled the ingredients to stuff 8. This is a FIRST for me! I always follow recipes- to the "t" because I am afraid to mess them up. But, stuffed peppers are simple enough, so I kind of fudged some of the measurements and added
some of my own to it. 

The basic ingredients: rice, ground meat (turkey works great!), worcestershire sauce, onion powder, garlic powder, tomato sauce, salt and pepper. I pretty much followed that, but I added an onion, 
chopped into small pieces, and I used the remnants from the tops of the peppers that I cut off, and diced those up too. I also sprinkled some mozzarella cheese on top as a garnish. I followed that with a drizzle of left over sauce.

I cut the tops all of all 8 peppers. The bowl (above) was enough to stuff them. As you can tell from the peppers, they are quite large! One was plenty for the meal. I only cooked 4 because I wanted to freeze the other 4. Hubby and I ate 1 each last night, which leaves left overs for lunch, plus the 4 frozen, so we will get a total of 4 meals out of these! To freeze, I just put the 4 into a baking dish, and placed in freezer. Once they were completely frozen, I wrapped individually with saran wrap, then placed them into 1 gallon-sized ziploc bag. I read quite a variety of ways to freezing peppers- blanching, putting all ingredients raw into pepper, baking whole tray, letting cool, than freezing. I opted to cook the filling, but leave the peppers raw. I stuffed them then froze them. I'll let you know how they defrost and reheat- but I doubt there will be any problems!

What do you stuff your peppers with?

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