Sunday, February 26, 2012

Classroom "Decor"

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Bloom's Questions
It has again, been a week since my last post. Blogging frequently, working full time, having two classes, advising one youth program, and being on two committees is really monopolizing my time. I haven't been able to knit, craft, cook, or do any of the things that I was doing before I got the long-term sub. job. I have a plan, which I read in A Simple Kind of Life's blog. I am going to try to type up and prepare my blog posts over the weekend, or when I have extra time, and then post them throughout the week. We'll see how it goes- this is a work in progress after all. Hubby is wonderful because he understands, yet again, why I am not cooking. I don't get home until after 7 most nights, and neither of us wants to be eating dinner at 8pm! He is absolutely wonderful!

All of the colors
Anyway- I have been working on a few classroom projects! The first one was from an idea I pinned from Pinterest. This post has a great way of incorporating Bloom's Questions into guided reading. I really liked her idea, which she had gotten from here. I too really liked the idea of utilizing Bloom's questions with my reading groups, so I typed up his questions, and used my favorite toy of moment- my CRICUT. I typed up each level of question, and printed them out on labels. I cut out different colors of card stock, and attached each level of question to its own color.  I also made a "cover page" with a key for what color each type of question represents.

Hanging from a ring, right on the
wipe-off board.
I also put them on a ring, and hung them on the wipe off board, right behind the table where I do my reading groups. I laminated them to ensure their survival from year to year. I have already used them, and I love it because I have questions prepared for each story we read, and the kids like looking at them.

Happy Weekend!

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