Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Nights

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By the time Friday night hits our house, we are too beat to be worried about going out or doing much of anything. Many of our Friday nights consist of movie night or hanging out at home and we are perfectly comfortable with that. Honestly, those are some of my favorite things to do with the Hubby and the animals. 

This Friday night, we made a trip to Michael's because I wanted to get a scrapbook. I have decided that this year, I want to try my first scrapbook. I am going to focus on making pages for each of our month's dates (one of Hubby's Christmas gifts). I got a great deal on the scrapbook, and am pretty excited to begin! I am new to the scrapbook world, so I am still winding my way through all the various resources- online and in stores. With the help of my Cricut, I am armed and ready to begin.

We also spent some time at Barnes and Noble. This is another of our favorite activities. We get a Starbuck's and spend time perusing the books and magazines. I tend to gravitate towards the education and crafting section as well as the enormous supply of magazines, while Hubby gravitates towards the Sci-Fi, Fiction, or Comic sections- but his tastes are much more varied than mine! I love looking at all of the wonderful books and magazines. I find so much inspiration in them. I actually scan through them and take pictures of the things that I am inspired by with my phone (oops- is that illegal or cheating?). I actually do this to save money and to prevent the clutter from entering the house. Tonight, I found this wonderful magazine- called Artful Blogging. There are some great stories and tips on blogging, however, this magazine cannot be read online so purchase is necessary. 

The other that I really liked tonight was the Organic Farm & Garden magazine. Not only did it have garden tips, but it had a variety of delicious recipes.

What do you do on Friday nights?

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  1. We literally just said to each other last night- "If you ever told me my Friday nights would involve cleaning house, getting caught up on laundry, and crafting I would have laughed in your face" Haha. We typically do something very similar to you. We love Michaels and B&N. Last night aside from household chores we took a trip to TJMaxx....LOVE that place! Happy Weekend!


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