Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Garden Has Arrived!

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I played in dirt today! Now, under normal circumstances, I would not enjoy digging in dirt. I outgrew those days a long time ago. I hate bugs; they gross me out. But, I love having a veggie garden far more than I hate all of that other stuff. I have mentioned in other posts my garden planning, and my prep work. Today was the beginning of my growing season! I am so excited for this- I absolutely love having fresh veggies in the kitchen to eat, to can, and to preserve.

To start off with, I cut and formed all of those starter pots from toilet paper rolls. I planned on using each one of them. However, as Hubby was getting my garden stuff from the shed for me, I found some left-over starter pots that I decided to use up instead. Purely out of being frugal, I figured I would use the oldest first, and save the t.p. starter pots for next year, or if I need to plant more starters this year.

I reused clementine boxes to plant some lettuce and spinach. I am slightly afraid that it's a little too early in the season. However, last year, I planted my lettuce, carrots, and all root veggies around mid-March. This year, I planted them in their permanent homes, in February, but I am keeping them indoors until it's time to put them outside. I am just hoping to extend my growing season, at least for the lettuce and spinach. I have some more clementine boxes, but I am going to do a second round of planting for the lettuces and spinach.

I used Miracle Grow Organic potting soil. I will admit, it smells like rotten eggs. It stunk, but I know that compost is not much better in the smell department. I also know that it has benefits that regular potting soil does not have. It has vitamins, and nutrients that you only find in compost or organic. I have compost in the back yard, but right now, it's pretty frozen and it needs to thaw out and be mixed.

As you can see on these "Plant This" pages, I have the layout of the garden all planned. I got this tablet of paper for a great price at my favorite store: Terrain. I have a full backyard plan, but I also have a plan for each of the individual beds. I am sure I will tweak this as I go, but for now, I have a plan. The numbers are my coding system. Each  type of veggies has its own number, so that's how I organize my head. It also helps in keeping my notes uncluttered by the extra writing.

In the next few weeks, Hubby and I will be buying the lumber to build the raised beds in the back yard. I also need to have topsoil delivered. The last thing that I will give a sneak-peek into is the walkway. I have to head to my parents, on a warm day, and cut down the trees they had cut down into 2" chunks.

It's still months before I can really plant everything outside, but its been a tame winter, and some of the veggies are early spring planters- so I am fully prepared for it! Since I didn't get my snow this year, or to really enjoy winter, I am preparing for spring! Bring it on!

Any vegetable gardeners out there?

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