Thursday, February 2, 2012

Knitting Needles Everywhere

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I am in the process of knitting 2 different projects. Now, let me step back. I tend to be a bit OCD or whatever you might want to call it. I like to finish a project prior to starting a new one. However, with these two projects, I am battling myself trying to leisurely knit them.

Project 1:
Half-way done Sock

My first pair of socks. I absolutely hate having cold feet, especially cold toes. I got a free pattern from JoAnn's or Michael's, or some other craft store. It's an easy knit project, but I have never knit anything that requires "turning the heel" or the like. I decided to start this pair of socks for 2 reasons. 1- to practice knitting a sock form in order to learn how to make stockings for a very dear friend of mine and 2- to make warm socks for less than the cost of buying warm fuzzy ones.

So far, I am about half way done with only one sock. It is taking me forever, but let me say that I am not religiously knitting. I may pick it up for an hour or two at most for the day, and not on every day. I am enjoying it, but because of the smaller needles, I find it tedious. Also, I am fairly new to dpn's, so maybe that is another reason the sock(s) is(are) taking me awhile. I also wanted to share a great video I found for knitting socks. The video is broken down into sections, much like a sock knitting pattern.

By the time I finish this pair of socks, it will be spring and I'll have to save them for next year!

Milanese Loop
Project 2:
I am in the process of knitting a "Milanese Loop" from a pattern found on I absolutely love the lace effect of this pattern. I decided to work on this while knitting the socks because I wanted a quick project. I like the gratifying nature of having finished a knitting project. However, this is not going as quickly as I thought it would. This pattern has a ton of stitches, also on a smaller gauge of needle so it's taking awhile. I love it so far, and cannot wait to finish it. But- it's taking time.

So, there you have it. I did not plan on having 2 knitting projects going at the same time, nor am I a fan but I think that is due to the rate of finishing. If        
                                                                                   I had actually picked a quick knit project, I may                
                                                                                   not be as annoyed at the slow progress.

What projects are you working on?

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