Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Writing Prompts Tin

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About a week ago, I spent some time scouring the internet for some writing prompts that I liked. I know I can buy a book, but I wanted something that was more fluid, and that allowed the students to just pick their own prompt. I found a site that had an extensive list of writing prompts. There were “What if” prompts, “I like” prompts, etc. I decided to bust out my address labels, my Cricut, and my computer. I copied most of the prompts into each label space in Word, and printed them out. I used a cute font found from Kevin and Amanda. I then cut out cardstock at a size that would fit the address labels, in a variety of colors. I randomly put the labels on the various colors. I also had an extra tin lying around, so I printed out a name badge label that said “Writing Prompts”. I laminated each writing prompt, cut them out, and now store them in this tin. I keep it in an accessible place for the students- either on the front table, or on the wipe-off board marker ledge.

Whenever the students finish early, they have the option to read quietly, or write. A lot of times, they have no idea what they want to write about, or need some ideas. This tin is useful because there are at least 70 prompts for them. I didn’t even print them all out yet! When I have 
another chunk of free time, I am going to finish typing them out, and 
finishing the list of prompts!

YAY for MidWeek Posts!

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