Sunday, March 18, 2012

Garden Progress

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Let me start off with saying that this weather has been absolutely beautiful in this part of the country! Next, let me apologize for yet again failing to blog throughout the week! I have been so busy with work and trying to enjoy the beautiful weather! Anywho- maybe this week I will be more productive on my blog!

My seedlings, that I started about 2 weeks ago are doing really well! All of the tomatoes have sprouted, the brussels sprouts have sprouted, my lettuce is growing in nicely, as well as my spinach. The clementine boxes are working very nicely for my leafy greens! Where ever I saw that or got that idea from- thanks- I love it! So far everything I planted as sprouted, with the exception of some older pepper seeds I had. I wanted to give them a try, but since they have yet to sprout, I think they may have been bad. But that's ok- that was just a trial!

I am hoping that the weather next weekend is just as beautiful so I can build my raised beds in the back yard! I have been worried about the amount of sun I will get in the back yard  because there are a lot of trees, and we had ours cut down after the summer last year. Well, as summer has gotten closer and closer, I am getting more and more sun back there! That can't be anything but a good sign- I can't wait!

 I am also hoping to get my root veggies planted pretty soon outside. When I get my garlic and potatoes from Burpee, I'll be planting those right outside as well as my carrots. I have big plans for this garden this year- between expanding it, sprucing up the backyard, and preserving a lot of my food, as well as produce that I buy in bushels or go pick. But, for now, they are just that- plans. Things have a way of happening to throw wrenches into plans. So, I will take it as it comes!

After months of scouring the internet, trying to plan my raised beds, I think I have decided on a system to use. I had been going back and forth between using concrete block and planting flowers in the holes and building another wooden frame raised bed. I have decided to use a wooden frame one, mainly because we can transport that in our car much easier than concrete block. The wood is less heavy, and it looks much more natural. It definitely has the look I want. As I make progress building the beds, I will post about them and link them back to my inspiration.

Happy Late St. Patty's Day! 

PS- it's the home opener for our local soccer team at PPL Park! I can't wait to DOOP at the River End!


  1. We made a raised bed this week using the pioneer woman's instructions...worked to plant my beans!

  2. I think that is the plan that I am going to use! We built a different plan last year for the front, but it didn't quite come out the way I wanted it. Can't wait!


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