Sunday, March 25, 2012

New Canisters

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Ok- so yesterday the weather put a damper on my gardening plans- bummer. I got 1 of my 3 raised beds done for the backyard, but that was it. I had a long list I wanted to do, but the rain washed those plans away. Instead- I etched my new canisters. I have seen them on Pinterest, and I have definitely wanted to make them- so yesterday was the perfect day for it.

My inspiration:




and Here
There are different things I liked about each one of these- I liked the last 4 types of canisters best because the lids are nice and large for getting out large quantities of the ingredients when baking. I also liked the chalkboard paint on the one above because the labels can be changed depending on the ingredients. However, I don't currently have chalkboard paint and I wanted to use what I already had. I also really like the labels on the first two. However, those didn't seem like permanent options since I like to wash my canisters before refilling them. I figured one was, and the vinyl labels would just slip right off.

So, that led me to my version. I broke out my Cricut once again with my clear vinyl ConTact paper. I got out a paintbrush and my etching cream. I figured this option was much more permanent. This also means that they aren't interchangeable, but I love, love, love the way they turned out, so I don't care that they only have one purpose. Also, I went with a different type of canister. I love the canisters in the last four photos. However, when I went to buy them, there were no gaskets so the lid could slide around as it pleased, and there would be no seal. That didn't strike me as useful or practical, so, I changed up the canisters.

Here are my versions:
The coffee is in a different type of canister
because this is more likely to spoil, so I
wanted an extra tight close.

I also made one for TEA which you can sort of see in another picture. I have one canister left, but I am not quite sure what I want to keep it in yet.

What do you all think?

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