Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Monogrammer's Have It

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Another quick, simple, and elegant project has happened in our house! I broke out my trusty etching cream that I already had. I used these lanterns I got from Ikea in the winter (but in red) that I knew I was going to put outside this year. I plugged in my Cricut, got out my ConTact paper, and away I went.

I cut out the letter "H" to monogram these puppies. I love everything etched and everything monogrammed. I feel like you can never go wrong, especially when they are combined! I also love being married and feel like I want to show everyone that marriage still works and is enjoyable and can still make people happy! (So manny people have either failed marriage attempts, or are not happy in their marriage. I get so upset when I hear/see this happen because it's not the way it's supposed to be. Sure- it happens, but does it have to so often? I remember when I was little- it was far more common to assume that someone's parents were married. Now, as a teacher, I find that it is the opposite. It is far more common to assume that parents are divorced, and I am shocked when I find that people are still married. Again- it's not supposed to be like that! )

Anyway- sorry for that tangent, and I'm done with the SoapBox today.

So, I cut out the letter "H" and applied them to the lanterns. I also found a really awesome way to sure that the decal lays flat. After I cut the letters out, I cut another piece of larger ConTact paper with my scissors. I then lift the decal off of the Cricut mat by applying my larger piece cut out. Then, I peel off the back, and the decal is in perfect condition to be applied. This is especially helpful with individual letters! (I will post a tutorial with pictures on what I mean another day!)

I covered the negative space with my etching cream. I waited about 15 minutes (longer than the directions said) and washed it off. I gave the glass a once-over with Windex, and voila!- you have monogrammed lantern at a fraction of the cost of them being custom made or having them done by the company where you purchase them!

Front porch with monogrammed lanterns
(don't mind the broken slat/deck- that is on the list
to fix/redo in the next few weeks)

 Off to the outside to enjoy this wonderful weather!

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  1. Love this ! ikea stuff is just right for personalizing! ( I loved the marriage rant too, something for me to aspire too)!


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