Tuesday, May 15, 2012


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Graduation day came and went- it was yesterday! I spent the day pitter-pattering around the house, straightening my hair, and getting anxious. I hate being singled out and being on stage in front of lots of people. This is the very essence of Graduation. But, I was committed to walking in front of all of those people. I worked hard, and wanted to share the closure experience with my family!

I had to straighten my hair, which is no easy feat. Because of those ridiculous hats we have to wear, and my short, curly hair, I had two choices- either straighten it, or be faced with clown hair. I opted to straighten it, despite the humid, rainy weather. I basically had to paralyze my hair to keep it from frizzing. Today, my hair is rebelling and is super frizzy, poofy, and ridiculous!

I have no desire to return to school for a PhD, however, being a Dr. would be a cool thing. For now, I am happy with the M.Ed. in Special Education!

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  1. WHOOP WHOOP LINDSAY! second time around does the trick!


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