Saturday, May 26, 2012

Garden Update- 5/26/12

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It's about that time for a garden update! In my last garden post, I showed you pictures of my seedlings outside, transplanted for the season. Now, almost 3 weeks later, the seedlings are going strong. I have even picked some fresh strawberries right from the garden! The sweet potatoes arrived, approximately 2 weeks ago, and they are planted and taking root in the black trash cans.

I also planted some lettuce into the front bed, into about 4 squares. The lettuce in the clementine boxes doesn't seem to be doing well. I don't know if it's due to lack of root depth, or quick drainage of water, or what, but next year, I am not using the clementine boxes for lettuce. Maybe something else, maybe nothing.

You may notice that the spearmint, the top step of mint, is looking a little thin. I tried a new recipe and made spearmint jelly on Wednesday, along with others. I will be posting on that later. But, the mint will grow back, and I plan on making chocolate-mint jelly, the middle step, and peppermint jelly, the bottom step.

Also, I had extra tomato seedlings that I put into large pots. You can see them on top of the trellis in the back corner of the yard. The butternut squash and cucumber along the back fence have sprouted, as well as all of the watermelon and cucumber vines in the front bed.

Last year, as I was getting the bed ready for winter, I raked in the extra tomatoes that fell off the the plants. I thought they would turn into compost. However, because we had such a dry winter with minimal snow, they did not turn into compost. That means I have been pulling lots of tomato seedlings from all over the bed this year. Note to self for next year- rake and bag/put in compost bin, all extra fruit at the end of the season because picking weeds is bad enough. But, picking tomato seedlings constantly is obnoxious.

How is your garden going?

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