Friday, May 25, 2012

Put Your Fingerprint On It

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All card samples
Hey everyone! This is the final, I think, post about the festival. This is a project that is cute for kids of all ages. At the festival, the kids primarily made their fingerprint cards for their dad, for father's day. These are so simple too! All you do is dip your finger in ink, then press it on the paper, card, whatever you want. Then, just take a fine point marker/pen, and add the details! Here are my samples that I had on the table.
Caterpillar, Flowers

At the festival, we also sampled making balloons and hearts with the kids fingerprints. Like I said, it's a lot of fun, is easy, and is super cute!

Here are some other cards that I made samples of:

 Stay tuned for a garden update tomorrow- it's made a lot of progress!

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