Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Save the Lamp

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Ok, so this is going to be another simple DIY. A quick disclosure- I have absolutely no electrical skills, and electricity is something that scares me because it's uncontrollable. However, despite my lack of electrical skills, I wanted to try to salvage this lamp because I love the iron base.

If you look at the following 3 photos, you will see that the socket is broken. It's cracked and wobbly. It was a hand-me-down lamp, but I loved the base. I figured I would try to repair it. What could happen, after all? It was going to the trash if it couldn't be fixed. The lamp shade has been glued to the other piece that was broken, so that is definitely trash. It has seen better days, anyway.

I went to Home Depot, and bought this repair kit of the lamp. It was $9.97 for all of the pieces that I needed. So the end result, $9.97 for the kit, a new lampshade that I have yet to buy, and voila- a new, but old, lamp!

This picture is the only one I took "during" the process. It shows the old wiring completely disassembled. All I had to do was loosen the screws that held the wire in the socket. I then unscrewed the "cap" off and took out the threaded piece. Lastly, I just pulled the wire out through the bottom of the lamp stand.

The next step was to reassemble the lamp. I followed the directions right on the back of the kit box. I threaded the wire through the base. I screwed in the threaded piece, put the "cap" on, tightened the wires onto the socket, and finished assembling the pieces.

Here is the end result: I wish the wire was brown, but Home Depot only had white kits. Oh well. I also had to take apart and reassemble a few times because I didn't get the threaded piece in far enough on the first two attempts, and so the socket was wobbly. I finally got it to the right height and now it is snug as a bug.

You'll see there is no lampshade. I need to get a new one. Maybe later this week.

Have you done any DIY projects lately?

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