Sunday, May 13, 2012

Terrarium Style

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Inspiration: terrain
Inspiration: terrain

I have been obsessing over terrariums for awhile now, and have seen many that I love. However, I did not love their price tags. I was going to just make my own, however, that required me to buy all of the various potting materials, plants, and terrarium. Who needs to buy bags of each type of potting material to just make 1 terrarium? The rest of the materials would just take up space and go to waste. So, I turned to my favorite store. terrain has various events. Some of the events are different classes, well, more like workshops. I have been dying to attend one of these just to see what it was like. Low and behold, one of the workshops was terrarium based. And, to top it off, I could take my own terrarium, they provide the potting materials, and I just had to pay the money for the workshop, and buy the plants I wanted to use. Not a bad plan. Also, a glass of wine was included.
Empty terrarium from IKEA

A few weeks ago, Hubster took me to IKEA, another favorite store. They had these terrariums that I instantly fell in love with. I bought 2, knowing exactly what I was going to do with them.

 The end result of my IKEA trip, and my terrain workshop: 

Gravel and Charcoal

Top View
Finished product, but not in location in house yet
I am very pleased with the end result and I can't stop looking at it. The best part is that I can now have indoor plants without the cats ruining them. YAY for terrariums!

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