Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The 21 Shades of Blue

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Blue Mason Jars. I absolutely love them! I am obsessed, and want a million! Last summer, I was lucky enough to stumble upon some at a yard sale. I had no idea what I was getting into. I didn't even know they existed. I thought I just stumbled upon an anomaly. Little did I know what I was in for. I bought 5, including one half-gallon size jar, for only 5 bucks! Can you believe that?! What a steal. In addition, at that yard sale, I got 12 half-gallon jars, for an additional 5 bucks. That was probably my favorite yard sale ever and nothing has topped that since.

That is, until, last weekend. I randomly searched on CraigsList and found a woman that was selling blue mason jars, including the zinc lids, all quarts, for $4.00 a piece. She said she had 15 of them. I quickly, in a panic, emailed her to find out if she still had any. She emailed me back and told me she had 15 still, and if I bought all of them, I could have them for $50 instead of the calculated $60. I jumped on that and decided to buy them all!

Well, we got there, and it turned out that she found a few more, some with the wire wrap-around jars with the glass lids- I also love them. So, I got 21 jars for a grand total of $70. Now, that may seem frivolous, or silly to pay $70 for the jars, but let me tell you, It was worth it. It works out to to be less than $3.50 per jar, which is a phenomenal price. And it isn't so much the hunt that draws me to the sale, it's just having it in my home. Now, I am set for life, unless of course, I find more half-gallon size jars. In that case, I would buy more.

If I could have a wedding redo, I would definitely incorporate these lovely ladies. But for now, there are a million ideas about what to do with them. Some of my favorites: (click on the photo to be linked to the original location!)

And here are my beauties! Just look at them! I have them all over the house, on display, with hopes to craft, use, and display them!

What sorts of things do you collect?

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