Saturday, June 9, 2012

Garden Update

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It's that time again- a Garden Update! It's been a busy week here. Camp has started for me, and it was training so it was a week of long days, but lots of fun. However, in my long days, my blog and garden got neglected. Luckily, the Hubby is great at taking over the house work in my absence. The stupid cabbage worms have eaten a bunch of my brussels sprout leaves, so I am hoping they return to their full stature and produce as much or more than last year. I think it's too late to get transplants of new brussels sprouts.

Anyway, I have picked fresh strawberries from my garden numerous times since my last garden update. We've also eaten garden-fresh spinach and bok choy. I've picked a few turnips, and the lettuce is coming in very nicely. Like I mentioned previously, it didn't do very well in the clementine boxes so I planted some in my garden beds. It is growing nice and thick, so it will be time to start harvesting. I've also made mint jelly from my spearmint, and have yet to make peppermint and chocolate-mint jelly.

The tomatoes are starting to bloom, so tomatoes will be close behind. The squashes that I've planted are coming in very nicely, except for my butternut squash. I am hoping that it will hit a growth spurt and start picking up the pace because I love making and freezing butternut squash soup and last year, I got about 8-10 squash from 1 plant. There is still plenty of time, so fingers crossed. The carrots are picking up their pace. I said this last year, but they really are finicky. They take awhile to start growing, it takes awhile to come to full size, and you only get 1 carrot from each seed (duh). I much prefer growing tomatoes because I get so much more from one plant, but the pup loves carrots, and I like the occasionally. Oh, and the potatoes are doing nicely in the trashcans. At least the vines are starting to lengthen and become more full, so I am hoping that means that the actual potatoes are growing beneath the dirt!

Overall, I am extremely happy with the progress, despite some things I already know I want to change for next year!

How is your garden coming?

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  1. Gardening is a stress reliever and it makes you live life to the fullest.
    Being a house wife, it is fun to have some kind of activity like gardening.


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