Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

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Happy Father's Day to all you dad's out there! My wonderful dad, great hubby and I spent the day replacing our fence. The neighbors and us talked about getting it replaced, and they got some quotes. One of the quotes was $2000 to replace the fencing between our properties. That meant we would be paying $1000 for the fence- absurd! Maybe, if we were going to be in this house for many more years, I could justify that cost. But, we won't be here more than 5 more years, hopefully, so there was no way.

Anyway, for less than $300 bucks, we replaced all of the panels- so 8 in total. The posts were still pretty solid. Not 100% vertical, but close enough to not have to redo all of them. It took us a few hours, but it really wasn't so bad. My dad could probably think of a million other things we would have rather been doing on Father's Day, but he offered to do it today, and it worked out schedule wise! My mom, bless her heart, pulled weeds and washed the patio table and chairs while we worked. I didn't ask her, but I am certainly grateful! They, in return, get a free weekend of labor from the hubs and I. 

As you can see, it's as good as new! Thanks Mom and Dad for your help today!

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