Sunday, June 24, 2012

Old Doors

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I absolutely love old doors. I have seen so many great ideas online that I want to just collect dozens of them. But, space is limited, so I am containing my obsession with just one. My aunt and uncle kindly gave me an old door they had lying around at their house. Last weekend, my mom and dad brought the door with them when they came to help redo the fence. And, the door has sat in its spot for a week now. But, yesterday I bought the tools I needed for the prep work and this week I hope to get the prep-work done.
As you can kind of see from the picture, I need to scrape off the paint chips. That is my goal for the week. But, I found great directions online for turning the door into a table. This is going to be my new dining room table. It is longer than the one we have now, and wider so it will be so nice. The one we have now is great and it's really cool. It's actually a table that can turn into a bench, or a bench that can turn into a table. The problem with it is that you always bang your knees because of the seat part of the bench/table.

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Farmhouse table 1

Farmhouse table 2

Coffee Table
I am going to get glass cut to fit into the 4 inlays of my door. I think I am going to paint the legs and stain the top, but I have yet to decided on that 100%. I am so excited to get started on this project and to see and utilize the finished project.

Stay tuned for the DIY on this Door turned Table!

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