Sunday, June 3, 2012

On the Road Again....

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Sorry for yet another delay in posts. The hubster and I took a trip to DC for a few days as a post-graduation celebration, 3-year wedding anniversary, and a mini-vacation. We had a blast, but walked way more than I ever thought possible on a vacation. Let me explain, however, that I have been to most major amusement parks along the east coast. I've been to Disney/Orlando, and most other major ones. My time spent on those vacations, in no way, compares to the amount of walking we did in DC.

I've also been to a fair amount of major cities, but most of my experience is with Philly. DC, when compared to Philly, is the cleanest city I have ever been too. It was rare to see a single piece of trash on the ground. The Metro was clean, not a single rat in site. People actually threw their trash and recycling in the proper bins. It was also one of the more greener cities I have experienced in regards to carpooling, biking, and taking public transportation. And speaking about their Metro- it was extremely efficient in comparison to Philly. Now, this is not a bash Philly post, because obviously, it is still the most convenient city to our location. However, you can definitely tell where the money is and where it is spent in regards to our nation's capitol. Just sayin...

North Side of the White House
Washington Monument by Day
Washington Monument by Night
USS Barry- just outside of the US Navy Yard 
Capitol Building

We had a great time- and can't wait for our summer vacation!

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