Sunday, July 22, 2012

Canned Green Beans

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I have done it- I have used my Pressure Cooker for the first time! I managed to do so without blowing up the house, or the pot! The hubster, of course, had to help because I was really nervous. I decided to start with green beans because I thought they would be an easy one to start with. The hardest part was finding a place where I could buy enough to make it worth it. I ordered a bushel of beans from a place near where I grew up. About 3 days later, my mom got a call that they were ready, and she went to pick them up for me (she lives closer). The next day, Hubby and I went to meet her for dinner, and to get the beans. Finally, Friday came, and it was canning day!

All in all, the process took a bit longer than I anticipated. I didn't realize until we started that I had to let the pot depressurize before I opened it up, which added approx. 30 minutes to each batch. Hubby helped by washing and clipping the ends off. I cut the beans into 1.5 inch pieces, and put them into the jars. I used pints instead of quarts because the serving size is better suited to 2 people. I could fit 8 jars into the pot at one time, so all in all, we had to do 4 batches. When all was said and done, I made 31 pints of green beans. I think I would like to do about 20 more, so we could have at least 1 jar a week through the year. However, I still have my plants outside, so for now, we are getting them fresh from the garden. If we continue to do that through the growing season, than we already have enough jars to get through until next year.

Bag of beans, cutting the beans, steady flow of steam
before putting on the regulator.
Uncooked beans with salt
Cooked Green Beans

I am going to plant a few more plants to get beans through the beginning of the fall until frost.

I can't wait to eat the first jar!

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