Monday, July 16, 2012

A little of this...A little of that...

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It has been a few weeks- and I don't have much to blog about in terms of homemaking or crafting....but I am going to give an update on what has been going on in my life!

1. My garden is in full swing! I have been picking green beans like crazy. Originally I wasn't too impressed with the plants because they didn't seem to be producing. But, I was wrong. I picked a grocery size bag of them- not only one, but twice!

2. I have been making jelly out the wazoo! I have made at least 30 half-pint/jelly size jars of various flavors. I made strawberry, strawberry-banana, peppermint, spearmint, and basil. Next on the list is blueberry. I have the blueberries, but I need to make the time to make the jelly. Maybe tomorrow?

3. The hubster and I, along with the pup, spent a week in Maine. A dear friend of mine invited us to stay with her at her family's vacation house. We had a blast and absolutely loved it up there. I could absolutely pick up and move there....but other's have doubts that I would make it through the cold winters. We spent the week hiking, biking, kayaking, reading, napping, and eating delicious food! It was just what we needed and I am bummed that it went so fast!

4. I just had another- probably number 5- interview of the upcoming school year. While this has been a time of reflection and learning to be patient, I am "over it". All of the interviews have been for the same district, so maybe that is a good sign. As the summer quickly progresses, I am getting panicky about not having a job...but, whatever meant to be, will be...

Fingers crossed though!

Upcoming projects: working on my door-turned-table....helping a friend make jelly for her wedding favors....and a full garden update with reminders for next year....

What's been going on lately?

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