Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pre-Wedding Festivities!

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I just got home from a great bridal shower! A dear friend is getting married, and I could not be more happier for her and her soon-to-be-hubby. This is a quick post because my to-do list is about a foot long, and none of them are quick things to scratch off, but it's been a few days (really 2 weeks-ugh) and I really want to get back to multiple posts a week!

When the hubster, the pup and I went to Maine for the week, this same friend watched our house and fed the two kitties that we have. She did that for us last year as well and it works out perfectly. She is too cute because she refuses to let us pay her, so I pay her with my craftiness! Last year, I made stationary for her, with my Cricut (mind you, she is the same gal that told me about the Cricut!). This year, since her wedding is coming very quickly, I wanted to give her a gift along those lines. I remember when Hubby and I were about 100 days away from the BIG DAY. I was still in school, and super stressed because I no longer wanted to be an architect (gee, maybe I need to do an "about me" post!). Well, anyway, I wish we had taken the time more during those last 100 days to remember why we were getting married. The wedding stuff was not the stressful part about those 100 days, everything else about life was.

So, back to the gift- I saw this on Pinterest and loved it! But, I only wanted to focus on the 100 days leading up to wedding to help them remember, years down the road, why they are getting married, and what life was like leading up to the big day. This gal is a scrapbooker, so it seemed right up her alley, and I wanted to provide them with a way to reconnect during the wedding crazy phase.

 So, I took that idea, and this is what I got! I didn't put them in a fancy box, and they are single-sided, so they could eventually make it to a scrapbook if she felt so-led.

Hope she, and hubby-to-be enjoy it!

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