Thursday, September 13, 2012

Baby, Oh Baby....

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This past weekend, I attended my cousin's baby shower! It was owl-themed, and extremely cute. I wanted to share with you all what I made for her and soon to be Evan Adele Elliott!

I wanted to make something for baby Evan, but didn't have too much time so I opted for a simple, cute, girly, practical option. I went to Target, bought plain white onesies (it was a 5 pack- 2 long sleeve, and 3 short sleeve). I also bought a 5 pack of the white fabric diapers/burp cloths. I next went to JoAnn's to by some girly material, and then to Walmart to buy some RIT dye in girly colors.

These were my inspiration:

From Dana Made It

From Diary of a Quilter

And here is my gift to baby Evan Adele:

I prewashed everything- onesies, burp cloths, and material. For the onesies- I followed the directions from the RIT website. For the burp cloths, I cut a template from a piece of cardboard, then measured and cut the material with a 1/4" hem edge added to each side. I folded the material around the cardboard and ironed them hem down. I then just sewed it into place along the center of the burp cloths. It was easy-peesy, lemon-squeasy!


  1. they are perfect linds!! thank you!!

  2. You are so welcome! Can't wait to meet her!


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