Sunday, October 21, 2012

Basil Jelly

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Where do the weekends go? I feel like it finally gets to be Friday, and before I know it, it's Sunday night. Blarg- I need another day off. I also need to stop filling every single one my weekends with things to do every single day of the weekend. Although, today, I had a great time hosting brunch- and that doesn't count as filling my weekend! Anyway- as promised- the jelly making tutorial:

1. Find a recipe to follow (well duh- but that gives the amounts of things needed). For this tutorial- I followed a Basil Jelly recipe that I love.
       My ingredients: 
       1 box of pectin (I use the jar and measure out 6 tbsp= to 1 box)
       2 cups rinsed and chopped basil leaves
       5 cups sugar
       7 jelly jars with lids and rings- all cleaned and ready to use.
       4 cups water
        green food coloring.

2. The first step for the basil jelly is to infuse the water with the basil leaves. I boiled the water with the basil leaves, then let it sit, covered, for 10 minutes. I then strained out the basil leaves, and measured 3 3/4 cups of the basil-water. Simultaneously, put the lids into a pot of water to boil. This ensures that the sealant gets gummy enough to create a seal and to further sterilize the part of the lid that will be touching the jelly. Also, being to boil water in canner so it is ready when the jars are filled with the jelly.

3. I put the basil-water and the pectin into my large pot. Stir continuously until starts to boil. 
4. When boiling, pour sugar into pot all at once. Return to boil, stirring continuously.

5. Once boiling hard, boil for approx. 1 minute- this usually takes more than a minute for me, but most recipes estimate 1 minute. As it is boiling hard, be sure to do the gelling-test. This is a simple way to check the consistency of jelly. Pull your spoon out of the pot, and hold it so that the jelly runs off. When the last drop hangs on the spoon, you more than likely have the right consistency.

6. Ladle the jelly into clean jars. Wipe tops of jars off, place lids on and finger-screw the rings onto the jars.

7. Place filled jars into boiling canner. Boil for 15 minutes- but this time depends on your recipe.

8. Remove jars from boiling water, and place on towel to cool off and allow lids to pop.

*Disclaimer- I do not have the recipe in front of me, so this is from memory. If anyone has a different recipe- please share! I am always looking for new jelly and canning recipes to try*

Enjoy your freshly made jelly!

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