Sunday, October 14, 2012

Jam Wedding Favors

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Hi all! Today was a Jammin' Day! That means that I helped a friend of mine finish up her wedding favors. I was recruited because I know how to make jam and she wanted to give everyone Jam favors. I think that is the best idea ever. Most wedding favors get put on a shelf, never to be used again. I know for my own wedding, we gave out little bird nests with coordinating M&M's in them. While the M&M's got eaten, what did everyone do with their nest? My guess is throw them away! I have some left over, that I keep telling myself I will use one day for some craft, but they are currently bagged up, taking up valuable shelf space.

Back to Jammin'. We made approx. 50 4-oz jars a few months ago. She decided to wait until the RSVP's came back to determine how many more we needed to make. Today, we finished up making the jam. We made an additional 55 (I think it turned out to be). She is using brown kraft paper labels and stamped them with an adorable stamp she bought- I think on ETSY. She will also be typing a tag to it to indicate the seating assignments, but that will come once she makes the seating chart. Here are previews of the sort of complete, but not finished product:


Later this week, I will post a tutorial on Jam Making- stay tuned! It really is a simple process! Also, if interested in having jam favors for your event, check out my ETSY shop!

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  1. I agree with you. It's way much better to give out something useful or consumable to the guests so that they won't end up in trash bins. Edible favors would be a fantastic addition to a couple's set of wedding ceremony supplies.


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