Saturday, November 3, 2012

Final Table Post

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Ok- so this table has been done for about a month now, and I am loving every minute that I put into it- even the gross paint stripping! My original idea was to strip the door down to the wood, and then stain it. I was going to paint the legs white, and I was going to get spun legs instead of square leg to give it some character. I also wanted to just get glass cut to fit into the recesses of the door, not cover the whole top. However, this being a DIY, the project kind of evolved as I went. I did not having the tools to spin the legs myself,  and buying premade spun legs was a bit costly. So, I opted to use 2x4's. The reason I did not follow through with the paint and stain choices were a) I hated stripping the paint, and couldn't stand the idea of doing it a second time and b) Our dining room has wainscoting along one of the walls, and our hutch is white so I thought that white legs would be too much white for my liking. Finally, I went with a full sheet of glass to cover the top as the paint choices evolved. I painted the table top with chalkboard paint, and bought chalk markers. The glass is to protect the writings on the table. And now, for the reveal:

As you can see, I painted the legs a bright yellow to add a pop of color to the dining room. The chalkboard markers can be wiped off with a wet rag and I can change them with the seasons, holidays, or whatever. To add another level of personal detail to the table, I added some pictures of Hubby and I- growing up, being together, as well as our furry animals.

I am very proud of this table, and am so excited for Thanksgiving for my whole family to see it!

What do you all think?

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