Thursday, November 15, 2012


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I have changed the name of my blog- it is Red Door Gardens! I have big plans for the future of my blog, selling my knitting, jam and other crafted creations on ETSY and hopefully boutique shops, and I wanted a name that was reflective of my passion. While I loved my title "life according to lindsay", I like the branding I have created for my canned goods with the title Red Door Gardens. Also, gardening is what started this whole blog, and going back to a simpler life, so I wanted to get back to my roots.

Please update your bookmarks- Share with you friends, family, coworkers- everyone! If you know anyone getting married, having a baby shower, or whatever the occasion and interested in having jam favors- direct them to my ETSY shop. Interested in knitted gifts- head to ETSY.

As I mentioned in a previous post- there have been very encouraging words said to me about pursuing a passion. While I love teaching, I also love being home and doing all of my other homemaking activities. So, I am going to make a go of it while teaching my preschoolers whom I have fallen in love with!

Thanks for your continued support! Please share and comments are always appreciated!

Look for the new logo and header this weekend!

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