Sunday, December 2, 2012

All About Lindsay

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Ok- I am finally sitting down to write an "About Me" post. I have been puttig this post over for probably 6 months or so. The problem is that I don't know how much I want/should share, and what I should keep back. To be fair, I will continue to keep pseudonyms for people.

I am now in my late twenties and so far so good! Now, for the detailed parts.

History: So, I grew up in New Jersey, met the Hubby when I was a sophomore and he was a senior in High School. We went to two different high schools, but met in youth group. I have one sister, whom I adore. I have an old soul so I love all things vintage, antique, and grandmotherly. In fact, a friend of mine refers to me as grandmother a lot of the time. I went to college for architecture. During my time there, Hubby proposed, bought a house, and we adopted 2 cats. In my final year, I really started to listen to the nagging in my heart that was telling me to pursue another career option. I took some skills inventories, and realized I loved working and serving. I graduated, got married 2 weeks later, than reapplied to get a Special Education teaching certificate in Pennsylvania. During this time- we got a boxer puppy. While I was working on that piece of paper, I worked full time. I finished my teaching certificate program about a year ago, which brings you to...

Present: I worked as a long term substitute, which completely reaffirmed my feelings that special education was for me- regardless of the paperwork. When that ended, I did some day-to-day subbing, but I struggle with the lack of schedule and consistency. I work at a YMCA for summer camp, as well as a staff for the Environmental Education department. In the fall, I took on a new role there- I am a preschool teacher! I love those little kids- they are so innocent and so eager to learn. While it is not where I imagined I would be, I love it. I have/had dreams of a district career for 35 years- but with the teaching market in Chester County, PA the way it is, it didn't happen this year.

Tidbits: It wasn't until we bought our house that I have my first "homesteading" breakthrough. I didn't realize that I loved growing food until I just randomly tried growing cucumbers and tomatoes. After that, I have added many vegetables and even some fruits to my garden resume. I also experimented with canning and making jelly which I also found a passion for. I realized that I love the idea of going back to the way things used to be- SIMPLER. I love opening a can of food that I grew in the middle of winter. I would love to live on a farm someday where I could have chickens- for fresh eggs, maybe a goat for some milk or cheese. This past fall, as I took on a part-time job as a preschool teacher, I realized that I also love the idea of working part-time so that I can do other things that I enjoy- crafting and homesteading. From my last post- I mentioned that I am trying to figure out my way through getting some of the handmade items in local stores, as well as on my ETSY shop. Working part-time allows me to work on those projects, which could be another way to supplement my income and homestead.  These are all things that I am trying to navigate my way through with prayer and patience because it is all according to a plan that is unknown to me. I love making my own food- completely from scratch, hiking with the pup and Hubby, camping, spending time with family, and all things homemade. I enjoy knitting, sewing, reading, and most things from a world that seems so far away sometimes. I dream of ways to go back to a simpler life, and am working my way there. Now, one last thing- while I love simplcity in life, I still love my technology. I kind of merge the two as I see fit, and that is the life that Hubby and I created and wanted.

Anyone else out there trying to live simply and finding challenges in this world?

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