Sunday, December 16, 2012

Beginning to Look Like Christmas

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Where does time go?! I mean seriously- where does it go? I have been trying to get homemade gifts finished, working, babysitting, and trying to get the normal things done! This is the beginning of another homemade Christmas series. I absolutely love homemade Christmas'. I truly enjoy making and receiving homemade gifts. It goes along with my mantra and believe with my whole heart that life should be simpler. I went to a craft store the other day, and realized how material Christmas and people have become, and how much I hate shopping during the holidays. Life should be simpler than being uptight at the most giving time of the year.

Hubby and I have been completing advent activities this year- a new tradition for us. Anyway- for part of it, we have made some Christmas decorations. I am trying to get Hubby crafty and it's something that I want to continue when we have kids. This year, we made snowflakes, trees, popcorn garland, a gingerbread house, and possibly a few others. We still need to finish the gingerbread house, but the others have come out nicely! I made a personal challenge of trying to use recycled materials or crafting materials that I already had. I cheated- slightly- in that I spent $2.00 on shiny garland, and a gingerbread house.

These trees were made using cereal boxes to make the forms. I bought the garland from the dollar store, and have some left over for other crafts.

This popcorn garland was fun! While it was time consuming, and we only made (2) 4-foot strands. But, I read online that if you pack it correctly, it can be saved from year to year. If that is true, I plan on making more next year for advent. The best part- it was free! I absolutely love the way it looks- it reminds of older times, which is right up my alley.

These snowflakes were fun. Hubby made regular snowflakes while I made these ones. He didn't know these existed or that I knew how to make them. He was shocked- but it was fun. I made these with scrapbook paper I already had- so also free!

Made any homemade decorations?

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