Saturday, December 22, 2012

Homemade Dog Biscuits

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Ok- I am taking a break from the Homemade Christmas posts...sort of...

I love our pup- and we feed her Blue Buffalo dog food because of allergies and I wanted a more natural food without by-products. That being said, we also feed her Old Mother Hubbard dog treats because they also have natural ingredients and she scarfs them down- so of course we limit the quantity in a day.

Anyway- I was given some Earth's Best baby food- carrot flavor- because the babies are allergic to it. I was going to make carrot cake with it, but then I stumbled across a dog biscuit recipe using only baby food and whole what flour. I had bought dog bone cookie cutters a few weeks ago with the intention of making dog biscuits for the family pups for Christmas. I used the carrot baby food, some whole wheat flour I had on hand, and baked some dog biscuits. Let me also add that Pup loves raw carrots! We give them to her to eat as treats. She grabs them up, shakes them in her mouth, tosses them around in the air, and has a blast. I thought she would love carrot treats.

I made two batches because I had enough jars of food for two batches. For the first batch, I used whole wheat flour, and for the second batch, I used a different type of whole wheat flour that I had on hand. The second batch used a finer ground whole wheat flour, and the treats came out much smoother. The cookie cutters I bought came in a pack of three sizes. We tend to buy smaller sized treats for Pup, so I made some medium treats and more small-sized treats. I got at least a 100 treats out of the two batches, so that gave me plenty for our Pup, as well as enough for the 4 family pups. It was so easy, I hope to continue to make dog treats for our Pup as well as our.....are you ready for it.... our new Pup. Now, we have two boxer puppies!

Any good dog treat recipes?

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