Tuesday, January 22, 2013


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Sorry for the long delay in my posts. I haven't been feeling well- but definitely not the flu. I think I have a lingering cold, which makes sense to me. I am around kids 5 days of the week- ranging in ages from 11 months to elementary students.

To start with, I want to formally introduce everyone to my boxer babies. I realize that puppies in no way compare to babies, but let me say that a puppy is occupying much of my time. We are trying to housebreak her, and with the weather being so cold, it seems a bit harder to get her to not pee in the house. That requires a watchful eye, and a trip outside about every 30 minutes or whenever she gets up from a nap. That being said, she doesn't nap very long, so my "free" time has been limited.

With all that, I absolutely adore her. We now have two female boxer pups, and I would have more if finances and space permitted. They are getting along great. They are starting to canoodle- something I have always wanted. They play hard together, and Nora, the oldest, is a great teacher.

I can only think that this is good practice for future babies- the lack of sleep and "free" time. It makes me want to hurry up and get all of the projects underway before babies come.

In Hubby's hood

First meeting- Nora and Xena


  1. She's so adorable! For as long as I have known, my family has always had boxers. Sadly, we live in an apt in NYC, so a boxer is simply out of the question here. I do love seeing babies though, she has such a sweet face!

  2. Thanks! For as long as I remember, I have always wanted a boxer. When my hubby and I got married, we got a puppy and it was a boxer. I am hooked for life, and never want a different kind.


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