Monday, January 7, 2013

Handmade Christmas part 5

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Happy New Year to all of you! It has been a busy 7 days so far. I hope that is not a sign of the year to come. However, when I look behind me, I feel like I am always busy. I need to take more time to enjoy life and the moment that I am in. I need to stop worrying about things unseen and things I have no control over. Those are my resolutions. There are some things I want to accomplish- such as things from a "bucket list" but I am not setting a year's deadline on them.

For now- a final post about handmade Christmas gifts. In my previous post hereherehere and here, I talked about our second handmade Christmas. This year, not only did we make gifts for our friends and family, but we also focused on creating things during Christmas time, with an emphasis on our time together. I absolutely love Christmas time, but I feel like it goes too fast. Too much time is spent being a consumer, and so Hubby and I are taking the time to enjoy it and spend time together. I've already showed you the gifts we made for the kids on our list, as well as the pups in our lives. This post will focus on the gifts that I made for the others in the family.

I spent a good part of the time knitting- as you can see- I knit 2 scarflettes (only 1 is shown), a circular cowl (not pictured), I knit a cardigan sweater, and I knit a teapot cozy. I have now added the cardigan and teapot cozy to my list of things to knit for myself. I already have a scarflette- I made the pattern for myself and went from there. I also made a basket of tea towels, homemade jam (by me) goat cheese and crackers.


Thanks to my sister for her
modeling skills!

I very much enjoyed my time making these gifts for those people that mean a lot in our lives. I have to say that it is very satisfying to give gifts that people love but are also handmade. To me, it is what the holidays are all about, and less about lists of things that everyone then knows exactly what they are getting. It should be about the "giving", not that "receiving/wanting"

Up Next: Meet the new puppy!

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