Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cutie Pie's Baptism

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This past Sunday was the baptism of my goddaughter, Cutie Pie. Remember when I dyed the onesies and embellished the burp cloths? Well, those were for her mommy's baby shower and now, I am her godmom. I was beyond thrilled when they asked me! Look at this sleeping bundle of joy asking me! Isn't she adorable?

My cousin- the brother of the dad (also my cousin), is the godfather. While we were sitting downstairs in the fellowship hall, eating after the service, I was struck by how much older I felt and how much my cousins and I have grown. We were close in age and our parents are still close so we grew up more like siblings than cousins. I was remembering playing hide and seek at all family get togethers when low and behold, my cousins oldest son was playing hide and seek with his cousin close in age! It really is a circle, this thing called life. (Does that make sense- cousins, cousin's brother, cousin playing with his cousin?)

Anyway- here are some of the pictures from the day. It was great to have two families come together to share in the baptism of this darling, Cutie Pie.
Me, dressing Cutie Pie
The parents, grandparents and godparents
She was such a good girl- not one tear! And don't you love her
leopard binky?
Our faces rock- I think she had just farted and mom snapped
the picture of my face!
Look at her!
Here we are!
My younger cousin- the godfather 
Ironically, this is my aunt, the grandmother. We got a compliment
today on how much we look alike (we have gotten them before-
but not recently). We both have on white sweaters

 The more I look at her face, the more I see her mom, her dad- my cousin, and our grandmom/nana.

Happy Fat Tuesday!

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