Thursday, February 28, 2013

I Think Sew

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I have really been sewing lately. When I say "really" I mean I have completed two projects in as many weeks. That is more than I have sewn other than Christmas gifts in a long time. The first piece I made was a cosmetic case. I used material I already had, so all I had to buy was a zipper (with a coupon). I plan on making a set of them (in 3 sizes or so), so when that is complete, I will post that. The second project was a casserole carrier. I first saw one on Pinterest and was inspired by this and pretty much followed it for the directions. I have had the material I wanted to use for months, in preparation of making it. But, originally I was just going to use a heavy-duty, good quality batting as the inner layer. But, I finally priced out "InsulBrite" and realized it was cheaper than using the batting. So, with a coupon, I bought the InsulBrite and got busy cutting everything out. When I got to the strap part, for whatever reason, I didn't have enough material left over to make the straps, and I really thought I wanted something a bit sturdier for them anyway. I took another trip to JoAnn's and bought some canvas type "ribbon" that is about an inch and a half in width. I finished up the sewing, and now I can't wait to test it out! I want to make more for some family members and some weddings coming up.

Now that I am onto my next sewing project, I need to find some cheaper places             to get some material. I remember material being much cheaper when I was younger. I have pinned some websites that claim to be cheaper, but, I do not know enough about material to buy it off of a website. I like to go and feel the material rather than trust percentages of polyester, linen, cotton, etc.

Do you have any material resources that are not so expensive?

This is the Pyrex Casserole set that I have and used 
to make my carrier. I absolutely love this kit- it has casserole
 sizes as well as lunch bag sizes that I use regularly.

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