Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Twitter Party

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So last night I participated in my first Twitter Party. As of last Monday, or so, I didn't even know such a thing existed. I mean, I've used Twitter, have an account for my blog, and know how to use hashtags and whatnot. But a Twitter Party??- Who knew!

Well, my friend Heather, a fellow blogger and Nuby Mommy blogger over at Diapered Daze and Knights as well as her friend Sarah over at Finnegan & the Hughes, also a Nuby Mommy blogger, were hosting the #NubyComfort Twitter party. I decided to join, regardless of not having any of my own kids yet. I thought what better place to immerse myself in social media than starting with a Twitter Party! There were also prizes given away, which was another incentive.

However, for me, the real reason I joined was because I am trying to read all about babies, finding ways to soothe them, as well as great toys out in stores for them. Hubby and I are hoping to have some little ones in the nearish future so I wanted to feel as prepared as I can for that roller coaster of having kids. I am babysitting for a set of 1-year old twins, and have been around babies my whole life. But- I figure I should really "prepare" for my own (if there is such a thing as preparing for kids!) I learned about some great toys that Nuby makes, as well as ways current parents use them. We also got to make suggestions for toys and other accessories that we would like Nuby to make. Some of the great products I heard about were the iMonster Snack Keeper- it keeps the snack from falling all over the place, and was a hit for airport security and kids! Two other great toys I heard about were the Whale Pail and the Bedlite Buddies. These are some toys that I will definitely be requesting!

I was super nervous when I logged on to the TweetGrid (another thing I have no idea existed!) It was overwhelming because there were 4 columns that updated at the same time and I couldn't keep up with the reading. But, with a few tips from Hubby (the computer whiz!), I figured it out. I had a blast and loved hearing about these great products that Nuby makes. I also found out that as a company, they are environmentally conscious which is a huge plus in my book!

TweetGrid from #NubyComfort Twitter Party
While I am trying to live a simpler life, create less waste, and own fewer possessions, I loved some of the products that I read about and heard about last night. I look forward to being a Nuby family in the future!

Thanks for the Twitter Party! 


  1. Thanks for the recap!! It was exciting!!

  2. We were so glad you could come! I love to attend twitter parties. I am going to one tomorrow night about monetizing my blog. I like following the party while watching TV at night!


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