Friday, March 29, 2013

Bedroom Curtain Update

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So it's been 12 days since my last post... It's my spring break from preschool, but I have filled my days with subbing in a school district, and working at a service project at the YMCA. That said, I did a quick update on our bedroom curtains. Originally, we had chocolate brown canvas curtains that we bought from Target when we bought our house. They were very plain and very faded because our bedroom gets direct sun. I have wanted to update the curtains for a long time, but I hate how expensive they can be. I loved some curtains from IKEA, but even that was more than I wanted to spend... I know, I can be really frugal/cheap.

Sheer curtain with full light
Anyway, one time, Hubby and I took a trip to IKEA and a set of curtains that were similar to the ones I wanted were on sale for $7.99 for 2 panels. So, I paid the $24 for 3 windows worth of curtains. As you can see from the picture, they were extremely sheer. While I loved the natural light, I always worried that people could see into our bedroom since we live in such a urban environment. The hope was to get some of the charcoal colored "roller blinds" from IKEA. They would have been about $30 bucks per window, more than I paid for the whole room's worth of curtains. So, I was puzzling over another scenario that was not permanent. I finally decided on using flat sheets as liners- I can pull them to the side when I want the sunlight, but we also have more privacy and more darkness when sleeping. They cost $4.98 per flat sheet at Walmart. I used my stitch ripper to open the thicker hem at the top of the flat sheet so I could put the bungee cord through.

Bungee Cord through
"ripped" hem
The next dilemma- I didn't want to buy tension rods because I was looking for a cheaper alternative. So- low and behold, inspiration came from Pinterest. I bought some bungee cords for $1.98/2 cords. I hooked them to the already-in-place curtain rod, and voila! We now have "lined" window treatments.

The funny thing- I think I have slept better at night because the streetlights and other various lights have been blocked out. While it is hard to see in the last photo- this is the "lined" curtain. There is still a fair amount of light that streams into our room during the day, it is no longer as direct or bright. At night- it's perfect. It's just bright enough to see if I have to get out of bed at night, but it's prevents enough light from coming in to help me sleep better.

Bungee Cord in place
"Lined" curtain

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