Sunday, March 10, 2013

Edible Garden 2013!

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Planning materials
So a few weeks ago, I sat down with my garden planning pad and went through last years notes to compile my layout and plan for this year's garden. I have been planning my garden out for the last two years, this makes the third, and I find it helps me organize my thoughts and remember what I want to do. Some people just have-at-it but I am not one of the people that can do that.

So today, with my plan in tow, I pulled out the packets of seeds that I needed to plant to make starters. I separated the ones I need to direct sow and marched outside with my seedling seeds. It was beautiful outside and I couldn't wait to start! Hubby was great and got my starter pots out of the shed on Friday so everything was ready for me when I got outside. I had already bought the dirt last week.

I planned on planting less tomatoes this year than last year and a few less pepper and eggplant plants. My problem is that I always make more seedlings than I actually need because i am afraid they all won't grow. But then, when it's time to transplant, they all are doing great and I don't want to waste the extra seedlings. Then, when it is time to pick the fruit/veggies, I have way more than we can actually eat!

So, I got all of the seeds for my peppers, eggplants, tomatoes, marigolds and some herbs started. Hubby helped carry them all in to our extra bedroom which I use for a greenhouse temporarily. I need to invest in one of those temporary greenhouse structures because I hate losing our spare room to the plants (we have to close off the door bc of the cats and dogs) and the room is really just too small to be a guest bedroom while it is a greenhouse.

Hens and Chicks
While I was outside, I saw that our hostas, hens and chicks, another plant that I forget the name of, and the forsythia are starting to bloom! SPRING is right around the corner! I love this time of year and being able to get outside to work in the yard and go to the parks with the dogs. I also love winter, and all seasons, but when it's time for the next one to roll in, I am so excited for the change that I am like a kid on Christmas!

I forget what these are called!
What have you done in preparation of this year's garden? 

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