Sunday, March 17, 2013

Homemade English Muffins

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This is my second time at making English Muffins! The first time, I followed a different recipe, but I can't remember the link or where I found it- sorry. This time, however, I used this recipe. The differences I remember are that I used milk this time, which was heated, and I actually rolled out the dough and cut circles. Last time, I think I used water (but I'm not sure) and I also just put heaps from a measuring spoon into my pan.

I will say, this is definitely a superior recipe. The taste it better and the quality and appearance are all around better. The recipe says it will get approximately 12, but using my mason jar ring, I got 15, with one being extra large. I don't have the circle cookie cutters, but this worked fine.

After making my own English Muffins for the last two times, I don't think I will go back to buying them. The taste of homemade is so far superior to the store bought. Don't get me wrong- it's definitely more convenient to buy them, and I grew up and as an adult have bought them. But, I am trying to take steps to make things on our on instead because I find the taste is so much better and the health benefits are endless. There are a few things, that so far, I doubt I will go back to buying. I have been making yogurt on my own for the last month and a half- two months, and will definitely not buy it again unless it is to be used as a starter.

When I look at the other sites I like to read, or my Pinterest boards, I am slowly making changes to making things on our own. It can be extremely overwhelming to do it all at once. But, I start with one thing, get comfortable with making that, than add another item to make on my own. In the process, a greater appreciation of taste and quantity of the items is formed. To mean, that means eating less just because I am bored- that results in having to make them more often. I look at it as a win-win situation. The true test will be if/when I find a full time job- if I can maintain making my homemade items, and not feeling overwhelmed by having to do it

 What homemade foods do you like to make?

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