Sunday, April 14, 2013

Vegetable Garden Preparation

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So with this beautiful weather, I have been outside prepping my vegetable beds. This year, I wanted to cover each bed with the Weed Block cloth to help prevent weeds during the growing season, as well as throughout the fall and winter. This year, I had to do a ton of weeding to get the beds ready, and I want to avoid that for next year. We also decided to lay mulch in-between the beds because once the plants are in full growing mode, it's hard to get the lawn mower through without running over the straggling branch of the vegetable. Originally I want to use the natural colored mulch, but the mulch we got was either on sale, or always at a better price, so I opted for the deal rather than being picky about mulch color. We bought 8 bags of mulch to start with, then went back and got 16 more (that's a lot of mulch!). The desired effect and outcome have been achieved. The stray cats in the area even seem to avoid it because it is still fresh and prickly, although I am sure once it settles and is walked on a bit, they won't mind digging holes in it! Blargh- I hate stray cats!

The next step is go get small fencing to separate the mulch and the grass a bit better. As always, gardening is a work in progress- one that I very much enjoy!

YAY for Spring!

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