Thursday, May 2, 2013

Great News!

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Current classroom- I made a
lot of the visuals
Hi there! Well, it has been just over a week that I have had some great news! Last Wednesday, I got a call from a school where I had interviewed, and I GOT THE JOB! This could not have come at a better time, nor could it be a bigger blessing. I love my job teaching preschool, but financially, I could not have stayed there forever. So, while I am very excited for my new job, I am a little sad about leaving my current one. Thank goodness my new one doesn't start until the current school year is over.

My new school- will be full time. I will teaching Early Intervention to 3-5 year olds with Developmental Delays or with a diagnosis on the Autism Spectrum. I start in July, but am already trying to make, prep and figure out my classroom setup. I go in early June to set up my actual class and to figure out what I still need to make/purchase.

Current classroom- opposite
Here are some thoughts I have about trying to set-up a classroom on a budget:

1. Scour Yard-sales- and now is yard-sale season!
2. Try to make your own templates (lesson plans, data collections, etc) instead of buying books
3. Reuse kitchen containers or other containers for storage- large jugs, coffee cans, etc. to make and store centers
4. If you are tech-savvy with digital software, you can make your own nameplates, storage labels, etc.
5. Check out Pinterest to see some sample classrooms, free printables, etc.

Do you have any tips to set-up a classroom on a budget?

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