Friday, June 14, 2013

Classroom Tour

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So my last post was the introduction to my new classroom. That was last Monday and since then, I feel like I have made a ton of headway on my room. When I first walked into my space, I had some random things in there left from the past user of the space, as well as some bins of toys to furnish my room with.  I spent the better part of my first day just cleaning the room- wiping things down, getting out the cobwebs and unloading my car. Over the past 2 years, especially this last one as a preschool teacher, I have accumulated quite  a bit of teaching "stuff" that could be useful to my new job. It took me 3 car loads (not brimming to the max each time) to get all of it from our home to my classroom. People probably thought I was crazy! It took me M-W to sort of get a game plan on room layout, but I was still without all my furniture. The school ordered a ton of new stuff for me class but it hadn't arrived yet. So, while I waiting on that, I observed two different classroom routines, cleaned, organized the stuff I brought it, put labels on stuff that I did have, etc. On Thursday, my mom went with me to Lakeshore to laminate and get some last items that I needed. Then we went over to my school so she could help me. We spent that afternoon arranging the furniture I did have, making a blueprint of where the shelves would go when they arrived, cutting laminating and hanging it up, and organizing books. That was a huge blessing! It was starting to really feel like a room.

I decided I wasn't going to go back in until my stuff arrived. But, by Wednesday of this week, it still hadn't and I was ready to go back to hang up more stuff, take more stuff that I got over the weekend from Ikea and Target. So, I went in, still anticipating no shelving units. I was only going to stay part of the day. But, while I was there- it all arrived- with the exception of a few items! It literally felt like Christmas! It took me all of 10 minutes to open and arrange the shelves. Then it took me about an hour to get all of the other supplies put away- paint, construction paper, toys, etc. Yesterday I went in the afternoon to finish up. At this point, I am ready for my Open House on Monday. I am still waiting for the sand table and some other toys, as well as my circle time carpet but you'll get the idea.

Here's a tour of before, during and after, as well as a few little extra shots!
First day- what I walked in to- a huge room!
After my mom came- everything in its place
Christmas came early! My 7 shelves
The rest of Christmas- the supplies
Home Living space 
Art space 
My own cubby-hole 
The mostly-finished product
I will continue to post pictures of my room as things evolve, as things are made and whatnot- but for now- I am super excited. Now I am off to make my lesson plans!

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